Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Ministry of Distraction

We say that sometimes when we catch a distraction. 
Seems like the older I get, the more things distract me, but ...huh?  What was I saying? 
Distraction can be a powerful, practical friendship tool.  No, really. 
Life can be hard.  
I know, you haven't thought about that for like 10 seconds and there I go reminding you. Ugh. 
We usually don't need much reminding on the life is hard part.
Sometimes, a well placed distraction can bring life and energy and hope. 
Not ignoring the hard, but allowing something distracting to take us away from how painful or uncomfortable our situation may be.  
So the hard stops taking up all our vision and all our air.
For just a little while. 
A cup of coffee with a friend (generally never a bad idea.)
A walk together, hiking, biking, working on a project.
Even the mundane like running errands or grocery shopping.
The connection time in the car, maybe loudly singing along to your favorite oldies, or taking a few minutes to get your dance party on. 
It may even reframe the hard to find a better fit in the bigness of God. 

Even if the hard doesn't lighten, we can come away from a friend connection feeling a bit more energy and hope to continue until whatever we're dealing with passes. 
Who in your world could really benefit from a few minutes stepping away from the tough stuff you know is in their lives?
Even if you are in the midst of some super tough stuff of your own right now...
Be the squirrel. :-) 

It'll do you good too. 

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